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The Finch Restaurant and Bar is about to unlock a new side to Mumbai’s Entertainment Scene!

‘Lushorious’ in a word. Chic & elegant, understated yet distinctive as a description Incomparable to the city’s current nightlife scene, The Finch adds magic to the mundane with its ‘sensory entertainment’ and experiential dining concept.
Bringing back old-school nostalgia in a modern setting, this versatile venue in Powai lends itself naturally to friendly conversations that uplift your spirits in an artistic environment. Here, rhythms, brews and global cuisines come together to entertain and elevate your dining experience -one song, one drink, one flavour at a time.
Feel the rhythm:
The Finch headlines an impressive live music stage set-up with state of the art AV systems and lighting that provide the very best for artist performances. Music is key to the Finch as it pledges loyalty to classical, Jazz, Retro Pop, R & B, Soul, Folk and World Music with much awaited headliner acts every month from around India and Overseas (from as far as Australia, Europe and the East). New talent showcases and impressive house bands form its music profile every week with fun-themed nights, adding some vivacity to match. With velvet plush sofas, comfy chesterfield armchairs, multiple large LED screens and a section with clubby gentleman seating, this space is perfect for viewing live music or relaxing, watching sport on a lazy Sunday. The AV systems also include a 9 ft motorised drop down screen for projection and to facilitate a meeting.
Brewing Friendships, Conversations and Cult Beers
The Finch is all set to become your go-to place for cheer, chatter and chorus
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Within the mountain  of northern terrain embellished a deep red cove, Indian’s hidden gem that serves as the capital of the two neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana . Finch Chandigarh is a modernist venue, established with the precision of culinary arts and mixology-rhythms, pitched by different artists, musicians and DJ’s of unravel beat, expressing harmonies to feed a famished soul. 

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